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An Innovation Leader Needs An Innovative Site

Boeing is known world-wide as a maker of fine commercial aircraft, but they are not widely known for their defense and space products. And their site was obviously out-of-date. Our task was to redesign and update their consumer-facing website to better educate the public on Boeing’s innovation in all three verticals and in social arenas.

Our effort began with an in-depth analysis of the over 11,000 web pages and the many audiences of the website resulting in a completely new architecture and a streamlined organization. This was followed by a new experience designed to take advantage of new web and mobile technology. Once the new site wires were tested and approved, a beautiful but simple and elegant visual design was applied. Gallery

Created at R&R Partners for Boeing

Award Winning Design

W3 Award - Gold 2015

Website – Website Features – User Experience

W3 Award - Gold 2015

Website – Website Features – Visual Appeal

The UX Process

Strategy & Scope

Developing the strategy on a project this large and complex requires not only determining what the client is trying to accomplish, but also who the target audience is, in detail.The only way to ensure that the client and the users are happy is understand what makes them all happy. This means research, segmentation and creating personas to define the needs, goals, pain points and general site usage of each user segment. Once we understand all these needs, we determine how that affects the content and functionality of the site through gap analysis.

Information Architecture (IA)

Our biggest challenge in reworking the architecture of the site, was reducing over 11,000 pages to something more manageable. In the end, we reduced the page count down to ~1,000 pages without losing any content that the primary and secondary personas needed to have a good experience. Our next biggest challenge was changing the organization of their products to a structure that makes more sense to users. We sold a structure that made so much sense, the client began to restructure their business internally to align to the new IA of the site.

User Flow

There are specific pages which are at the top of both the client and users’ needs lists. Making those pages easily findable from all over the web site and properly linked to other relevant content is of utmost importance. Exploration was made into different options based on different site and page structure options.


Continuing with offering two different approaches to the design, two different sets of preliminary annotated wireframes. Once a direction was decided on, the wireframe process continued with interactive wires in order to full realize how the interaction design would work best for the user.

Incredible Results

  • Paid media audience increased time on site by 30 seconds and decreased bounce rate by 15%
  • 50% more visitors interested in “new & innovative products”
  • 15% more traffic
  • 3 times more video views
  • Boeing moved from #38 to #7 for overall site experience
  • 3 times the number of investors visiting the site
  • 8% increase in first time job-seekers

My role on this project

Sole UxD


Functional/Content Requirements

Information Architecture (IA)


User Flow

Interaction Design (IxD)


User Interface (UI)


User Testing

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