Funkentelechy Triptych

My tribute to the P-Funk Universe

George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re missing out one on the biggest influences (and biggest parties) in funk, soul, hip hop and rock from the 60’s through today.  This is my tribute to P-Funk in acrylic (also ask about my tattoo). These characters told the story of funk in song, were played by band members on stage, and were illustrated by Overton Loyd for the 1977 Parliament album Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome. The collection is inspired by those original illustrations, is acrylic on board and is 18″36″. And the triptych won the enthusiastic support of the original artist! woof!

“Everybody’s got a little light under the sun” \m/

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