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Vegas For People That Have Never Been To Vegas

GeoVegas is an immersive journey through curated destinations in Las Vegas. Through the use of large photography, video, Google Interiors-like walk-throughs, and 360 video, we allow users to virtually experience the best shows, restaurants, clubs and attractions. Serving the needs of the upper-funnel traveller, this experience exists in complement and contrast to the main site which serves the mid-lower funnel.

The largest challenge for the site is defining the different journeys or collections of locations.With only 60 locations over 5 collections, choosing and arranging from the thousands of possibilities requires card sorting exercises each time locations are added/removed.

Return visits are high for GeoVegas, and the time-on-site is higher than Feedback has been great for the site and has led our optimization for over a year, improving KPIs at every turn.

GeoVegas Gallery

Created at R&R Partners for LVCVA

Incredible Results

  • Average time on site was over 5 minutes per user, with the average user completing more than one “journey.”
  • In preliminary testing, using the site resulted in a ~35% rise in considering a trip to Las Vegas.

My role on this project

Lead UxD

Information Architecture (IA)


User Testing

Usage/Analytics Review

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